Hi, I'm Henry

I make things on the internet

I’m a passionate lead developer, proficient in TS and Rust. I love learning and making stuff.

At the moment, I’m developing lqip.io, a high-performance on-demand image optimisation service for front-end devs.

I’m also the head of development at Roar Digital, where we make beautiful websites for estate agents and highly efficient digital marketing campaigns for businesses with geographically specific services.

If you’re interested in working together you should contact me.



Image CDN with on-the-fly image editing and optimisation, written in Rust, deployed to K8s @Merlin Digital View Project

Westways Estate Agents

A modern estate agency site with playful animations @Roar Digital View Project Screenshot of Westways Estate Agents


Static-site builder with practical data management, and an extensible plugin system @Independent View Project

Paramount Properties

Elegant, practical website for an independent estate agent @Roar Digital View Project


What3Words for Phone numbers as a CLI @Independent View Project

Jackson Stops

A bold site for one of the UK's largest Estate Agents @Roar Digital View Project


Activity tracking PWA with unique natural language interface and syntax highlighting @Independent View Project


Family game night with WebRTC + Websockets @Independent View Project

Ship Designer

Plan ships for the game Space Haven from PNGs of famous spaceships @Independent View Project Screenshot of Space Haven Ship Designer

For details of my private projects, you should contact me.


Date: Nov 2020 - Now


@Merlin Digital

Rust, Kubernetes, CephFS, Prometheus, Grafana, Typescript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, TDD, multithreading, event-driven architecture, high-availablity

Date: Apr 2019 - Now

Head of Development

@Roar Digital

Docker, CI/CD, Architecture, Management, Hiring, GraphQl, Websockets, Server management

Date: Nov 2017

Full Stack Developer

@Roar Digital

HTML, CSS, JS, REST APIs, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, MongoDb, MySql, React

Date: Jul 2016

Front End Developer


HTML, CSS, JS, Wordpress, client management, sales

Date: 2014 - 2017

BSc. (Adv) Nano Science

@University of Sydney

Matlab data modelling, quantum and condensed matter physics, astro physics and cosmology, maths, chemistry, self-assembling materials, materials science and engineering


👋 I'm open to connect on LinkedIn, just send me a message!

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